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Milan for children: things to do with your children in the city

What does Milan have to offer in terms of things for you to do with your children? Let's discover the activities and attractions dedicated to children but that are perfect for the whole family.
Milano Museo dei bambini percorso natura

Milan is not just a city of business. It is not only the city of evening cocktails, night-time entertainment and the Italian capital of fashion. It's also a child-friendly city. Milan for children is a program that focuses on children and offers activities to do with the whole family, promising fun for young and old alike. Because the moments of playing, the workshops and a visit to the city’s attractions will make a trip to the Lombard capital a memorable experience for both you and your little ones, allowing parents to spend quality time with their children.
From museums to parks, from the discovery of animals to creative workshops, let's go and find out the things you can do with your children in Milan.

Milan for Children: MU.BA, Triennale Kids and Comics Museum

The heart of the Milan for children program is at the MU.BA, the city’s museum for children. It is located at the Rotonda della Besana and is a center dedicated to the development of cultural projects for children. It is a space where children can play and learn, as well as think and grow in an environment built and designed specifically for them. Here, children and families can have fun together by taking part in the game-exhibitions, where interactivity is the main theme. Not only within the walls of the museum but also in the park and outdoor terrace, children and adults can enjoy outdoor spaces and the city's greenery in a peaceful setting. Crowning the beauty of this area dedicated to children is the Rotonda- Bistrò, a perfect place to eat for the whole family. It is a magical place, also ideal for organizing birthday parties.

The Milanese museum offer for children also includes TDMKids, the three-year exhibition project dedicated to children aged 3 to 10 years. From workshops to manual drills and guided tours of the museum, children will have the opportunity to touch the projects on display, also reflecting on important environmental issues such as sustainability and recycling.
Finally, the Comics Museum. WOW Spazio Fumetto is the place where your kids can meet their heroes. It is the perfect meeting point between the world of adults and children who, together, can enjoy a fun and rewarding experience. With comic-book courses and workshops (even on weekends!), children can enter a colorful and fascinating world that is tailor-made for them to discover the so-called “ninth” art. The icing on the cake is the possibility of organizing birthday parties here that will be full of magic!

Installazione di colori al MU.BA.

What to do in Milan with children: the aquarium, the planetarium and the Castello Sforzesco

Among the things you can do with your children in Milan, we can’t forget to mention three major points of interest in the city, thanks to which your little ones will get a chance to discover the beauty of the sky, the underwater world and Milan’s rich history.
The planetarium will leave even your youngest ones open-mouthed, as they gaze at starry vault in awe. Here, thanks to guided tours, children can learn to orient themselves among the stars, they can understand and imagine how a man can live in space and will discover all the secrets of the Moon by revisiting the mission that led man to conquer the grey planet.
From the starry sky to the underwater world, the step is short: all you have to do is dive into the universe of the Civic Aquarium of Milan. In this case, too, the children will have their nose always facing upwards, because the underwater world is built around a transparent gallery with a circular orientation. Children will discover the secrets of the underwater worlds and, after having the opportunity to see lots of colorful fish with the strangest shapes, they will be able to enjoy a splendid winter garden where they can play together with their mum and dad.
We continue our day in Milan with children at the Castello Sforzesco, which is located just a few steps from the Civic Aquarium. Your little ones are sure to enjoy a visit to this imposing symbol of Milan, which is incredibly rich in charm and history. You can take them on a nice walk hand in hand in the outer courtyards of the castle or take advantage of guided tours of the castle’s interior. Either way, your children will be literally amazed.

Children's activities available at a stone's throw from Milan: the Museum of Toys and Children in Cormano

We finish our roundup of things to do with children in Milan with a trip out of town. Because Cormano, a few kilometers from the capital of Lombardy, is the site of the Museum of Toys and Children, one of the largest in Europe. It is a magical place where there are thousands of toys built between 1700 and 1950. Among dolls and toy soldiers, board games, vintage books and comics, your children will have fun discovering a whole new world, while the parents will get a chance to explore history. An unmissable stop to discover Milan dedicated to children.

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