MIAIRPORTS_ARTICLE Spas in Milan: wellness and relaxation in the city center (and beyond)
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Spas in Milan: wellness and relaxation in the city center (and beyond)

Spas in Milan, really? Yes, why not? Let's go and discover the most beautiful and exclusive spas of the city where you can relax when you are passing through Milan.

It has recently been ranked the most livable city in Italy. Perhaps because Milan, in addition to enjoying a lively and thriving economy, is a city that is also keen on culture, entertainment and, above all, relaxation. This statement may have many of you turning up their nose and wondering: is it really possible to relax in Milan? The answer is a definite yes! You only need to know the right places, such as its spas, for example. Because in Milan there are several that are also very popular and frequented. Going to the spa means making some time all for yourself, far from the daily hustle and bustle, the urban buzz and your busy agenda.
The spas of Milan aren’t just for locals; they are also perfect for all those who are passing through or who are staying in the city for business or pleasure. Going to the spa in Milan, in fact, means getting to know the capital of Lombardy from a new perspective, one that is more concealed, more relaxed and, above all, where everything is waiting to be discovered. So, let's not waste any more time and let's go and find out which of Milan's spas are worth a visit. Both your body and spirit will benefit from it.

QC Terme: a corner of peace and wellbeing in the center of Milan

When we talk about spas in Milan, we simply can’t help to mention the QC Terme Milano, which is a veritable institution in the city. Situated in a highly central position (at Porta Romana), these are without any doubt the thermal baths of Milan par excellence. Built in an exceptional location, the spas are not only framed by suggestive 16th century walls but also enjoy the exquisitely retro charm of the beautiful Art Nouveau structure in which they are situated. Can you hear the sound of water? Because it's the natural element you're finally going to dive into. At the spas in Milan you will find water in all its forms: from the warmth of saunas and hammams, from the bio-sauna (located inside a tram!) to whirlpools of all kinds, from waterfalls - perfect for giving new vigor to your back muscles - to the new water-jets, which are ideal for stimulating your microcirculation. Not only water: QC Terme Milano is also the perfect place to treat yourself to a full relaxation package, with a choice of massages and sound therapies. In short, this is a must-see place in the heart of the city.

Palazzo Matteotti Spa: futuristic design and relaxation

When spas satisfy the body, spirit and sight...you are sure to be at the city SPA of Palazzo Matteotti in Milan. Located on the lower floor of a beautiful 5-star hotel, these spas impress the visitor, filling him or her with a sense of amazement and enchantment. The architect who designed them, the Florentine Simone Micheli, has created a futuristic environment that is a wonder for all the senses combined. In this city SPA, relaxation is inextricably linked to interior design, making wellness an all-round experience. Very popular with the Milanese, these spas offer everything that a wellness path should include: a sauna and Turkish bath, and a swimming pool with water at a temperature of 32°C, which includes a waterfall shower and whirlpool. You can also decide to treat yourself to a relaxing massage in one of the beauty spas, where the concept of well-being reaches unparalleled heights. Located in the center of Milan, in the heart of the fashion district, Palazzo Matteotti's city spa is a...no, the place to be!

Other spas in Milan: main highlights

Milan is a city that is undergoing profound renovation, especially in the increasingly thriving wellness sector. We therefore should review the main highlights in the city when it comes to its spas.
  • Grand Spa of Palazzo Parigi
Let's start with the Grand Spa of Palazzo Parigi, a true temple of elegance, relaxation and well-being located in the center of the city, between Parco Sempione and the gardens of Porta Venezia. The Grand Spa of Palazzo Parigi is a 1700-square-meter itinerary that will reinvigorate (and regenerate) your spirits and sights: the purifying power of water is associated with the most classic meaning of luxury. From the mosaic-covered swimming pool to the

patios with their centuries-old plants, or from the themed rooms to the Royal Hammam Privé, nothing is left to chance.
  • City Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel
We then continue with the brand-new spa at the Four Seasons Hotel. The place is truly evocative: created under the barrel vaults of the ancient convent in which the hotel is located, the concept of this city spa was created by the designer and architect Patricia Urqiuola. Here nothing is left to chance: the 800 square meters dedicated to wellness have been designed to enhance the beauty of a place steeped in history. From the swimming pool, which gives you the impression of swimming in a Roman aqueduct, to the seven wellness treatment rooms, a real corner of peace where you feel protected from the bustling and industrious life of Milan's urban space.

The thermal baths outside Milan: wellness at a stone's throw from the city

But even the cities around Milan offer their share of wellness treatments to uplift the body and spirit. Well-being moves outside the city walls and to easily accessible locations. Because Lombardy has so much to offer, also when it comes to wellness.
Only 70 km from the city center, immersed in the suggestive scenery of the Brembana Valley, we find the thermal baths of San Pellegrino. This is one of the most famous places in Lombardy when it comes to wellness, and one of the most famous places in the history of spas in Italy and worldwide. The architectural wonders of the past are masterfully integrated with the beauty of the contemporary spa: in an area of 6000 square meters, you can indulge in a wonderfully regenerating experience admiring frescoes, colonnades and ceilings of the early 20th century. You are bound to fall in love at first sight.

Spas in and around Milan: a recap with all the addresses

QC Terme, the Milanese spa par excellence
Piazzale Medaglie D’Oro, 2 Milan Tel. 02 5519 9367
Email: reception@termemilano.com
Palazzo Matteotti Spa: relaxation and interior design
Corso Matteotti, 4-6 Milan Tel. 02 7767 9610
Email: spa.matteotti@dahotels.com
Grand Spa of Palazzo Parigi: regenerating wellness and unbridled luxury
Corso di Porta Nuova, 1, Milan Tel. 02 6256 2222
Email: reservations@palazzoparigi.com
City Spa of the Four Seasons Hotel: evocative spaces of high historical value
Via Gesù, 6/8, 20121 Milan Tel. 02 77088
QC Terme San Pellegrino: history and relaxation at stone's throw from Milan
Viale della Vittoria, 53 San Pellegrino Terme - BG Email: info@qctermesanpellegrino.it
Tel 0345 20102

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