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Neos awarded at the China Awards

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Neos was awarded on February 8th at the 15th edition of the China Awards. The awards are dedicated to Italian and Chinese companies that have been able to make the most of their respective business and interchange opportunities between the two countries.

The CAPITAL ELITE category prize was awarded for the logistical operational support provided by Neos during the pandemic to the Italian system. In fact, in 2020 the airline operated 330 long-haul flights, over six per week. Of these, 38 were passenger flights with which the company helped bring back Italian citizens who were abroad. The airplanes operated for freight transport, largely for health purposes, which resulted in 300 cargo flights, with 8,000 tons of material transported.

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Neos is based in Milan Malpensa with a fleet of 12 aircraft 6 B787-9 dreamliner and 6 B737-800, operates from Milan, Verona, Bologna, Rome and Bergamo to the main leisure destinations around the world, including China.The company offers a direct passenger connection Milan Malpensa - Nanjing. The China project was born with the aim of promoting tourist flows from China to Italy and tourist flows from Italy to China. Neos' strategy is to connect a second-tier city, Nanjing, located in an important area of ​​China, to Milan. Nanjing is located in the province of Jiangsu which, after Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin, is a central point of one of the richest areas in China with a booming domestic market thanks to the exponential development of e-commerce, it is also one of the more dynamic and modern from a technological point of view. Nanjing, with a population of 8 million, is an excellent entry point to visit the eastern part of China and is reconfirmed as a correct choice for developing trade between China and Italy. With the development of the pandemic, the important investments from a technical-operational point of view and the relations with the Chinese authorities, thanks also to the support of the Italian Embassy in Beijing, the airline has managed to convert the designation to fly to China from passenger traffic to freight traffic. In addition to Nanjing, Neos is in possession of authorization from the Chinese Civil Aviation to carry out cargo flights to Beijing, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Jinan, Shanghai, Nanchang. Since July 2020, Neos has reactivated the first passenger frequency from Milan to Nanjing and from 26 November, in collaboration with the San Donato hospital group, the flight is covid-free because in addition to the swab and the serological test carried out individually by the passenger, a quick antigen test borne by Neos is carried out before check-in.


For fifteen years, the China Awards have aimed at communicating the importance that internationalization has for Italian and Chinese companies, placing the accent on the benefits deriving from the flows of capital, people, goods and services between Italy and China but also to give visibility to the success stories of Italian companies that have best seized the opportunities of the Chinese market and of Chinese companies that have done the same in the Italian market. The initiative is organized by the Italy China Foundation and MF-Milano Finanza, in partnership with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China, and is sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Development and the Italian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

The event also benefits from the precious sponsorship of ICBC-Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, SEA Milan Airports and The Medelan.

For more information about the China Awards: https://www.fondazioneitaliacina.it/en/la-fondazione/activity/china-awards/

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