MIAIRPORTS_ARTICLE The Milan Airports 2019 traffic results: Milan Malpensa and Milan Linate
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The Milan Airports 2019 traffic results: Milan Malpensa and Milan Linate

Malpensa has shown that it can easily accommodate 28.7 million passengers.
Traffico aereo malpensa 2019

Passenger traffic

2019 closes at Malpensa with excellent results for passenger traffic, thanks also to the closure of Linate for the runway refurbishment works and the consequent temporary transfer of traffic from Linate to Malpensa: the airport has shown to be able to easily accommodate 28.7 million passengers. Net of the activity transferred from Linate, the traffic volume structurally stood at Malpensa at 26.8 million passengers, with a net growth of +9.1% compared to last year. This is another record milestone that is part of a 54-month growth path in which our airport has increased traffic volumes by + 40%.

The year just ended has led to an expansion of the flight offer of 40 new total services, 2 new airlines and 13 new destinations, including 2 major intercontinental flights to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Malpensa now boasts direct connectivity with 82 countries around the world served by non-stop scheduled flights.

2019, therefore, marked a further increase in the quality of both the customer portfolio and the network with solid and structured growth that affects all the main reference markets: the domestic one (+ 19.6%), the European one (+ 5.8% ) and the intercontinental one (+ 11.2%). 2020 now opens with difficult challenges but with currently positive prospects thanks to the programming of 10 new services, 4 new airlines and 7 new routes, among which 3 new intercontinental flights stand out: Eva Air on Taipei, All Nippon on Tokyo and Gulf Air over Bahrain.

Freight Traffic

As for freight traffic, Malpensa closes 2019 reaching 545,000 tons slightly down compared to 2018 (-2.4%).

The result reflects the trend of the global air cargo characterized by a constant drop in demand in both import and export, as a consequence of the slowdown in world trade. However, Malpensa showed signs of recovery in the last quarter, thanks in particular to the development of e-commerce, with performances above the Italian average and some major European airports.

The main novelty of 2020 in the cargo sector will be the completion of the new DHL warehouse and the start of hub activity in the second half of the year.

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